Dave Lett

Dave Lett


Dave Lett is known in the Northern Virginia endurance sport community as a highly trusted expert for training advice.  Many top athletes reach out to Dave for suggestions on preparing for triathlons, marathons,  and other events.  He has strong credentials in developing  marathon training plans for runners, as well as power based training plans for the bike. Dave has coached both Mike and Dawn Stevenson to numerous PRs over the years.

DIFFERENTIATORS: Dave’s criticism of many coaches is that they fail to properly listen to their clients. Instead of appreciating the valuable feedback from their clients, many coaches default to a  dogmatic “one size fits all” approach to training their clients. Dave forms a strong partnership with his clients to ensure that the each week’s workout mix provides the optimal results.

BIOGRAPHY: Dave was born and raised in the Mid-Atlantic and has spent most of his life in the area. He began his athletic career by competing in team sports including football, baseball, and basketball. While in college, Dave began playing rugby and continued with the sport well into his 30s. For each sport, Dave was recognized with either awards, captaincy, or selection to all-star teams that competed at the hightest levels.

In his early 30s, Dave raced in his first triathlon and began his love for the sport. Although he misses many aspects of team sports, Dave has been devoted to triathlon ever since.


  • Team USA Member, ITU Long Course World Championship, 2010
  • Boston Marathon Qualifier
  • Numerous running and triathlon podium finishes