Why We Love to Run

Running is the first sport I started completely for fun—not at my dad’s urging, because my friends were doing it, and not even as part of a team. I was feeling down some December afternoon and was sick of the college gym, so I tried a trail run—and returned an hour later feeling 100 times better. I was hooked.

I’ve been asked often since then why I run. I’ve given a whole range of responses, because my reasons have changed over time (I started entering road races, then picked up triathlon) but also because my reasons change my day, by hour. If I’m asked right before a long run and still sore from an 80-mile ride, I might say because I have a half Ironman approaching…but that’s never quite the full answer. I mean, why did I sign up for that triathlon? Though my sport is triathlon, there’s something uniquely powerful and, yes, fun about running. It’s always been my favorite leg but is also my go-to activity when I need a boost, a refresh, a challenge. That’s why this article caught my attention:


Running is hard, yet so many people run and love it—in one way or another.

Why do you love it? (Or do you really NOT love it?)


About Dawn

Dawn is a top tier Age Group triathlete, long-time swim instructor, and soon to be a USAT Level I Certified Triathlon Coach. Dawn has raced 16 triathlons, including four half Ironmans; more than 35 road and trail races; open water swims and endurance ride events. She is a member of Ignite Endurance.

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