Coping with Injury

Injury sucks. It’s a competitive athlete’s nightmare. Many of us hire coaches with the primary goal of keeping us safe and healthy, because this is at least as important as getting faster. There are plenty of things we should do to prevent injury—strength training, a smart buildup to interval training, sleep, chiropractic, massage, focused nutrition—but sometimes you get sidelined and have to deal.

Pro triathlete Jesse Thomas knows that—he’s been out for half of the 2013 season after a stress fracture that required surgery. Here he offers tips on coping with injury:

For an elite amateur’s take on injury, check out our friend and training partner Kendra’s recent blog entry:

Remember to tell your coach and doctors about any and all past injuries, weaknesses, and previous training so that they can help you stay on your feet…then follow their advice!




About Dawn

Dawn is a top tier Age Group triathlete, long-time swim instructor, and soon to be a USAT Level I Certified Triathlon Coach. Dawn has raced 16 triathlons, including four half Ironmans; more than 35 road and trail races; open water swims and endurance ride events. She is a member of Ignite Endurance.

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