Varsity Collegiate Triathlon – what it means for the sport

Did you know that the country’s first ever varsity triathlon team is in our backyard? Marymount University is in its first year of a varsity program, led by seasoned coach Zane Castro, who moved to Arlington from Austin, TX with his wife (and long-time professional triathlete) Terra Castro to launch this team.

Check out this interview with Zane in April as the team was gearing up for its first season. There’s an interesting discussion of the challenge young American triathletes face without the high school and college programs Canada, Australia and other countries offer, meaning Americans have to choose swimming or running as a sport in school:


If successful, Marymount could help inspire more varsity triathlon teams to form and help talented U.S. triathletes be competitive at the world level much earlier.

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Dawn is a top tier Age Group triathlete, long-time swim instructor, and soon to be a USAT Level I Certified Triathlon Coach. Dawn has raced 16 triathlons, including four half Ironmans; more than 35 road and trail races; open water swims and endurance ride events. She is a member of Ignite Endurance.

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