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Who Is Codeon Coaching

Codeon is a full service triathlon coaching group based in Arlington, Virginia. Codeon takes holistic approach at analyzing an athlete by using a 7 part coaching model that addresses the critical areas for racing success. We know that every athlete is unique. As such, we believe that our model is the best way for athletes to achieve their potential.

7 Part Coaching Model

  • Swim
  • Bike
  • Run
  • Strength
  • Nutrition
  • Recovery
  • Mental Strength
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Our 7 Part Coaching Model: 

Codeon’s goal is to get athletes across the finish line faster. With this goal in mind, the Codeon coach monitors 7 key components with the athlete.

1. Swim – Swimming is the most technique driven discipline in triathlon. Codeon works with swimmers to improve their technique, force, and endurance in the water. We prescribe drills and workouts that address weakness in the athlete’s form and include time trials to monitor the athlete’s improvement. For our local athletes, we jump in the water to take underwater video so the athlete can see exactly where the improvements need to be made.

2. Bike – Codeon uses a range of techniques to create improvements on the bike. We start by assessing the athlete’s functional threshold value (FTP) using our Computrainers or similar power-based test. We also analyze heart rate data to the create the training zones and pacing estimate for upcoming workouts and races. We will give you lots of data to work with!

3. Run – Running is another discipline that requires excellent technique in order to progress. Codeon utilizes video analyses, drills, and other techniques to help the athlete develop a more efficient running form and reduce the risk of injury.  We collect data from the athlete in order to develop a mix of both Heart Rate and Pace-based training zones.

4. Strength – Triathlon is a strength-based sport. The athlete’s functional strength is the catalyst that enables improvement in the 3 primary sports of triathlon and it is what powers the athlete to success on race day. Strength training is also critical in reducing injuries and improving overall confidence as an athlete.  Codeon integrates functional strength workouts into the training plans of almost all of its athletes.

5. Nutrition – The athlete’s nutrition strategy is critical at all stages of training and racing. The proper food selection and timing is critical to expedite recovery and provide nourishment to the body. Codeon can connect the athlete to a Registered Dietician to build a specific nutrition. Once a plan is created, Codeon will work with the athlete to execute the nutrition plan and ensure that it is integrated into training and racing.

6. Recovery – The athlete’s ability to recover is critical to absorb the gains from training, and to reach their potential on race day. Codeon monitors two types of recovery: Micro and Macro. Micro recovery is built into the training plan and is typically only a couple of days of either active recovery sessions or outright rest. Macro recovery addresses the cumulative fatigue that is built up over months of training. Macro recovery allows a greater period of time for the athlete’s body to recovery from the long term stress of training. Macro recovery breaks are typically at the end of the athlete’s season, as well as mid-season after an “A” race.

7. Mental Strength – The athlete’s mental strength takes into account a range of variables that affect race day outcomes. The Codeon coaches work with athletes to understand intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. They look at external factors in the athlete’s life such as stress from work, relationships, family and other variables that reduce performance. They also look at key characteristics with the athlete that will affect their race performance.  In the end, the coach and athlete form a partnership to find the right balance to enable the greatest results.

What we do?

Codeon’s goal is to get you across the finish line faster. We achieve performance improvement by continuously analyzing our athletes using our 7 part model. This model provides a structured approach to monitoring each athlete’s progress and ensuring that all success criteria are being met. We tailor the model to the needs of the individual and frequently make adjustments to optimize performance.

Who we are?

We are passionate triathletes dedicated to the sport and the triathlon community. As coaches, we set high standards for ourselves and produce a higher quality experience than other coaching programs. As members of our community, we give back by sharing what we’ve learned over the years and assist several philanthropic organizations through coaching and fundraising activities.

Why us?

Codeon believes that a comprehensive approach is required to achieve significant performance gains. You’ll receive a truly personalized coaching experience that will guide both your training and your overall lifestyle. Codeon’s coaches work with fewer athletes to achieve greater results. If you are committed to excellence in training and racing, we believe Codeon’s approach will provide you with the best results.

To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift

Steve Prefontaine

Meet Our Coaches


Dawn Stevenson


Dawn is a top tier Age Group triathlete, long-time swim instructor, and USAT Level I Certified Triathlon Coach.


Dave Lett


In his early 30s, Dave raced in his first triathlon and began his love for the sport. Although he misses many aspects of team sports, Dave has been devoted to triathlon ever since. Dave is a known in the Northern Virginia endurance sport community as a highly trusted expert for training advice.

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